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How many of you have tasted road side pani puri atleast for one time in your life. Many of you, right?

Whenever I think of pani puri, I get into my mind people asking “bhayya thoda pyaaz dalo, bhayya thoda pani dalo.”

Have you ever thought of the quality of Nutrition you get from that pani puri.

We just ignore the fact that it is not a healthy food (many junk food items) but prefer that as our evening snack. Many such food items just satisfy your hunger and dump in a lot of calories into your body.

As a Wellness consultant, I help people to maintain their weight using Herbalife products. I get through many misconceptions from people having different opinions (which are not facts), asking me is it good for health.

I wonder when people ask me such questions and also laugh out during that instances. And I explain them that the food you are having (Herbalife products) are tested and backed by more than 300 scientists and doctors.

Also a simple question that follows, how many doctors and scientists have tested the pani puri you eat on road side.

This just clears their mind.

Join us today to have a healthy active lifestyle.
Sai Teja G
Wellness Consultant

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