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Amazing Weight Loss Result from our Nutrition Center

The Person in the above picture is D Ravi Kumar, he was in to very bad lifestyle previously & struggling hard every day to do his day to day activities and was also suffering with many health relates challenges as well. He became overweight because of his wrong food habits. Though he was willing to change, his lifestyle and food habits did not allow him to change. Once with the help of his close friend, who changed after coming to our Nutrition Center, Ravi visited our Nutrition Center, on the 1st day itself, he felt happy with the environment of the Nutrition Center and observed difference in his body after taking our Nutritious Breakfast. 

He strongly decided to Lose weight and improve his lifestyle, to add focus to his journey he also participated in Body Transformation Challenge held at our Nutrition Center. He was with full of focus and commitment & had made changes to his lifestyle, eating patterns and food habits. With the help of this coach guidance and support he has lost amazing 7.2 kgs in his 1st month at our Nutrition Center. He has lost 13.8 kgs totally and is feeling fantastic every single day. He feels he has gone 10 years back in his life and he now feels more confident about his future and career.
He is very healthy and energetic all day long and has also improved his fitness levels and continuously striving to improve his muscle percentage.
Note: Results not typical, may vary from person to person.
Are you looking to change your lifestyle and food habits or lose/gain weight.
G Sai Teja, Wellness Coach
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